Read. Gay Pride Amsterdam, 2016

Yesterday was a big day here in Amsterdam. All city was celebrating Gay Pride, 2016. This year as never I could feel a’s all about being yourself, all about love. No matter what age we are, what gender or skin colour – we all want the same thing – to love and be loved. And I had a feeling that after shooting in Orlando and after such a huge hate escalation on social media this day was even more special for everyone. It’s difficult to describe how I felt seeing dozens of happy faces. Euphoric feeling I would say!

Such a huge number of people, colourful outfits, music and great weather what was yesterday all together makes impressive atmosphere!

The very highlight of Amsterdam Gay Pride days is the Canal Parade with boats on canals. This year were 75 boats participating in the Canal parade plus insane amount of audience boats parked on the sides. I did a little research for you my friends. I find out that over 300 000 people are watching the show all over Prinsengracht and Amstel river. Wow! That’s quaet a bit!

But this day is not about Parade only. It is about friends, about love, drinks, great music and best parties! Seriously guys, if you are the parties animal, Gay Pride is one of the best time to visit Amsterdam (along with King’s Day). Every boat with it’s own music, parties in a squares (Leidse square, Rembrandt square) and of corse insanely huge party on the street in Reguliersdwarsstraat – famous street of gay bars and night clubs. Everything ends up around 5.00 am but no worries here for those who had not enough. You are always are welcome in after party!

Why I am writhing this article.. Well it’s my way to show how I love this event, how I stand by the side with these people. It’s my way of showing my support. And I believe one day no hate will be left as nobody must care who loves whom.

Everybody share the same dreams.

Juta Meer



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