Sound. Daddy Was A Milkman

I was browsing on internet today for something new and seriously guys, once in a while I can find a bright diamond among Lithuanian artists. One of them is Ignas Pociūnas with intrigued stage name “Daddy Was A Milkman” and this is how he introduces one of his songs:

“Cold, rain, snow… I‘m not a winter person, my mood depends on the sun. There is one morning every year when you can actually feel winter ending. Then you go out, glance at the sun and take a deep breath of slightly warmer air. It eases your mind and changes attitude towards things. It‘s the only morning in a year, when winter ends in one breath and spring takes over. „Breathe In“ is about that.”

Lets listen. Enjoy.

Daddy Was A Milkman – “Breathe In”



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