Read. Lingerie Obsession

Nowadays lingerie is not just a clothing any more. It is a weapon of every woman what is used to seduce, to succeed, to win the battle and to concur the world! Well, about concurring the world is too loud to say but in a way every single women feels much more powerful and strong when she wears something nice under clothes.

Underwear from practical use evaluated to sophisticated piece of art and developed to the most gorgeous undergarments ever, starting with lacey nightwear and playful babydoll finishing the most seducing lingerie staple – the teddy. Lately designers and sellers discovered that more and more women trade their padded and molded bras for more natural looking, tailored lingerie. The most beautiful pieces are stored in every lady’s undergarments drawers.

There are so many elements of particular styles of bras – the amount of padding, the cup height, how width underwire etc. and since every lady needs to find the best fit but has no idea where to start I will guide you trough some models. Lingerie must not only compliment your body type but it must be as your second skin. Ladies, don’t wait for the special occasion to wear nice lingerie, make your every day special! It’s easy to do it if you wear perfect fit.

Part I. 



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Multiple elements like colors, prints, embroidery, beautiful detailing, variety of fabrics. That’s right, in the first part let’s talk about bralette. Very trendy piece at the moment. A bralette is a bra without wires or molded cups, bra without the intensity to hold you in. They have thin or lacy straps like a regular bra, and provide a reasonable amount of support for small to average busted women. And they could be pulled over your head.

How do you wear this piece of stretchy mini bra madness without your nipples being headlights and swaying all over the place? Well.. Not to mention, these bralettes are fantastic for layering under camisoles or sleeveless shirts with those trendy extra wide arm holes. They are a great option that leaves you feeling comfy and looking fabulous! But I would still wear one on your off day with no worries about nips pointing out.

I will introduce you to 5 simple reasons why you should wear bralette despite a fear of your nipples being exposed.

1. Definition of comfortable. While underwire bras do give great support, they can tend to be a little uncomfortable at time. Then super comfortable bralette comes to the party!

2. The most gorgeous decor. They are like revolutionary decor for your body usually just a minimally decorated with lace or sheer.

3. No hiding needed. Showing them off basically is a purpose of bralettes. Since they are so gorgeous they can make any outfit to look so much better.

4. No hassle. The best way to look ultra feminine and sexy without trying too hard.

5. Wide range. There are so many different styles and colors of bralettes so every lady can always find one that suits her! Slip into beautiful bralette today!

I did guestion my male friends to find out what men really think when they see you wearing bralette:

Luka: “My rule of lingerie – less is more. Way more! Bralette fits the rule.”

Alex: “Guys are genetically programmed to be attracted to women wearing sexy underwear. Women in bralette are sexy.”

Joost: “Bralette is very effective weapon if lady is ready to seduce me.”

Daan: “I like them. Men love lace.”

Simon: “More natural and cute, but I wouldn’t dare to say it’s sexy. It is for girls.”



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